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#2596 - This is part 2 of my first short story, It is not intended to be realistic and I am aware there may be grammatical errors But I hope you enjoy It was lunch, Jess Walked down the corridor and turned left, towards the canteen, as she passed the girls toilets she heard a noise, a very familiar noise, she stealthily crept inside, knowing what the sound was, as she came up to the cubicle the sounds were coming from she froze, jess peeked up over the partition as saw none other than Suzie miller Sucking on her little brother’s huge cock, Suzie’s face was already covered In cum, Timmy suddenly looked up, and saw jess, he instantly blew his load into Suzie’s mouth without warning, Suzie choked on his massive cum load and tried to swallow, but it was too much and it flowed down her chin and dripped onto the floor, Jess decided if there was any fun going on she was going to be a part of it, and went round and opened the cubicle, Suzie turned around and jumped out of her skin, whereas Ti

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