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#152077 - “I have a bid of two hundred,” Tom nodded, “do I hear three!” “Three,” Marilyn Johnson replied, “I bid three hundred dollars!” “I have three hundred,” Tom announced, “come on now ladies, a night with this young stud is worth at least ten times that!” “How do we know he’s worth it?!” Bonnie Vance shouted out. “W-what’s happening to me?!?” Marilyn had long since mounted her husband’s thick cock while watching her daughter having her first male induced orgasm! Her own pussy was absolutely on fire, so it took a moment to gather her bearings before moaning softly, “Y-you’re just having a climax dear, isn’t it just heavenly?!?” Steffi’s head rolled to the side, and with a slack jaw expression focused on her mother riding her father’s big cock! “Oh mommy, you’re letting daddy fuck you too!” “Of course I am, dear,” she replied gently. Mike Johnson slid behind the wheel while his wife and Fate James crawled into the back seat! Marilyn giggled a little girl’s laugh as she struggled to extract

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