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#197695 - Black Widow she's been known as the Black Widow since she was fifteen ruthless, bold and mean with vengeance she preys on man building her a place to stand where no man can ever reach her again staying in control is the only way to win she weaves her web of love, laced with hate there you lie, waiting for your fate she's beautiful, charming and catches every man's eyes with a look that will paralyze you into doing her bidding and if you think you can out do her, your kidding if you ever find yourself in her web of love looking up at her high above don't try to stand beside her I know, I've been bitten by the Black Widow spider Epilog I know I wasn't your intended prey but I got caught in your web anyway you tried to set me free but you found you needed me there is no other fate when your the Black widow's mate I've already been bitten that's the way nature's law is written Black Widows don'

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Beauty you are my ideal
Another sexy hentai
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You are amazing as always