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#173856 - ” Ella hesitated, but didn’t disobey either, she eagerly undressed him taking her time removing his suit, starting with his shirt and tie first, she slowly undid his buckle and released his cock from its prison. He didn’t notice her initially he looked tired now, his blonde hair looking silver in the light, he was still muscled but no longer the stallion of his former glory days. While she got ready she tried to pick through the several nameless faces that she had seen that day, few stood out, her routine was to awake at 10 (if she was in her own room, or had been requested for a day after morning session, either way she awoke in her own bed this morning.

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Akebi sasaki
Shit you have such a fine cute ass and what a lovely cock your husband has too lucky girl
Qin liangyu
Omg i will do that to my boyfriend tomorrow