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#225351 - After the expected tazing i finally spoke every time I even see you flinch I'll taze you again bitch!! She looked at me and started to cry at that moment I cuffed her in a hog tide position and gagged her and just because I could and so she knew I ment business I tazed her again for a few minutes . The next day After I woke up I made myself some breakfast and had completely forgotten my new toy in my basement then after watching a little tv I remembered dolly was in the basement so quietly snuck down the stairs and to were her cage was and there she was my new slave still sleeping quietly. She and the guy started to fool around she unzipped his pants and started to laugh the guy taking offence got pissed off and they started arguing so I took this as a cue put my mask on and ran to her back door which was unwisely open with only a screen door closed   .

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