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#352302 - It has been a week since it happened, since the last day I saw her, I know it will never happen again for a long time, I knew deep down that she was the one and I lost her. I woke up the next morning at 10 am still handcuffed to the bed, I could feel a sensation, as I looked down I could see the covers bobbing up and down, she then popped her head up and gave me a kiss, “breakfast is on the way up” she said, there was a knock at the door she jumped up and ran to the door, I lay there dazed by the confusion of what has just happened, as she returned she was still naked, “did you answer the door naked?” I asked, “yes, I am proud of my body”, she un-cuffed me and sat there eating, “want any?” she said with a smile on her face, she started feeding me, toast, fruit, juice. I heard the shower stop and the sound of the door opening, I turned around and saw her standing there in her towel barely hiding that beautiful ass and pussy, “would you like a drink?” she said seductively, “yes, pl

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