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#325231 - The black man looked back to Fred, laughed and said, Well, Freddie, welcome to the party as he dragged Fred like he was a rag doll and then flung him onto the bed with his wife and ordered, Take off your clothes! Defiantly Fred replied, No chance, now get out here before I call the police!!! A second later, Fred was stunned as the back of the master's hand connected hard with the side of his face, causing him to momentarily lose consciousness! Now get undressed unless you want some more, he said evenly!!! Still a little shaken from the shot to the face, Fred removed his clothing until he was stark naked. Knowing that to resist was futile, Fred tried to relax his muscles to allow easier entry by the invading black shaft, and much to his surprise, the more he relaxed, the more turned on he became!!! Here he was, fucking his wife's pussy, while his own asshole was being shafted by his black master!!! Sylvia too realized the gravity of the situation, that her husband wa

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