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#160035 - I looked up to see Terry and Leeah standing over me grinning, the tent in Lees dress blatantly apparent; I remembered Leeah was hung HUGE and now the outline of the G-String she was wearing showed it was barely contained. I rolled and sat up quickly but was immediately pinned by my arms by Tony on one side and Billy on the other, then Billy hissed in my ear, “You just better be ready to take it ‘cause we will hurt you a LOT worse if you don’t!” I looked in his black dead eyes and saw malice and cruelty in them, “Let me go…I’ll be good” He chuckled again, “OH you’ll be good!”. Terry laughed and started to undress, “You don’t think I’m NOT filming this?!?! I’ve got you by the balls and WE are going to keep you there.

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