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#177134 - Lyn gently rocked herself back and forth letting out moans and sighs, she increased her speed then screamed held herself down on my cock taking in mouthfuls of air panting, in between her pants l could hear her softly mumbling “stay in me, oh stay in me”, once her orgasm subsided it wasn’t long before Lyn was lifting herself up and down on my cock, her smooth perfectly shaped bum bouncing up and down, my spunk from earlier with Lyn’s juices formed a white frothy cream which began to cover my shaft and her pussy lips. I have to admit watching horny zombies fucking the brains out of anyone they came across got my cock hard. She secured the door and we kissed out of sight should anyone look into the room, l reached under her skirt Julia wasn’t wearing any knickers her pussy was dripping and made a squelching noise as l finger fucked that hot wet hole, she whispered “l want you in me” turned to face the wall and bent over so her firm bum was pushed against my groin, l got my cock out, l

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