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#298566 - My periodic moans have become a chorus now with each word, each touch of your warm lips on my skin; my attention is completely on the kissing and I don’t even realize your fingers have manipulated the leg band of my panties and slipped your hand under them to touch my bare pussy until I feel your finger slip between my folds and begin a rhythm of in and out into my now completely drenched pussy. The electric touch of your fingertips on my skin has caused goose pimples to appear on my flesh, and I feel the familiar tightness in my lower tummy as I am suddenly aware that my nipples have become stiff and are protruding through the dampness of the rain-soaked tee shirt I am wearing. I can feel my face go flush with blood and I somehow manage to eventually tear my eyes away and look down at my hands after an agonizing long silent moment.

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