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#83697 - Making Sweet Love As we lay together cuddled in bed The heat rises and thoughts run through my head As I start to kiss your soft and tender lips My hands wonder and rub on your hips As I kiss on your neck I feel your body tense Then I feel your relaxation as you kick in another sense As I continue my downward journey I come upon your breast Where my tongue can’t help but to take a rest As I lick around your breast so firm and round I listen to your body make that moaning sound As I continue to explore this body so elegant I have to make sure I treat it really delicate As I travel lower and lower I kiss on her body I make sure for what comes next my baby is ready As I venture below my baby’s panty line I can tell that a chill has just went up her spine As she moans and gets wet I am a strapping on a condom you bet As I slowly move in and out I feel her body moving about As we create a rhythm that no one else can feel Our bodies move togethe

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Murasaki kuhouin
I love sexy chatting about anything erotic tell me about the size of your member that makes me wet i want men men men only men please be over 35 and know how to treat a lady right in the bedroom i dont want boring lay on the bed sex i want fits of passion and rage been bored for too long if you are looking for a nice tight and wet one look no further
Hacka doll no.3
And you did it again ty loved every thing about this hentai from start to finish i are so damn sexy xxoxoxo