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#393737 - You know I would not say anything, you know I want you to try it whit rover to you will love the way he licks pussy, I think he licks mum to, by the way I have to ask you something to, what Kim said, no you go first tell me about today, well we went and picked Kelly and her dad Eddy up we went to the cinema, we sat and started to watch the film and eddy moved his hand down by his side I felt against my leg I did not move so he started to move his hand up and down his leg at the same time he was rubbing my leg not moving he then put his hand on my leg up my thigh, , then he put his hand onto my knickers god he had his finger inside me in seconds he was finger fucking me then Kelly went over to the door to see if dad was coming, where was your dad? He had to go out on some earns he would be gone a least two hours , shit I wish I could have been there, shush I will tell you Kelly said all is clear I got down between his legs and started to suck him Kelly came back and I sat on his lap he

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