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#104011 - She was dancing with her friend on the dance floor, I noticed a Pakistani lad checking her out. Helen is 5 foot 3 inches in height, long blonde hair, blue eyes, she has a medium build and 40 D breasts, she works in a shop on limited hours, so she has plenty of time alone and as I work nights, we don't see much of each other, but we are saving up to get married in the summer. she was deepthroating him i could see him looking at her with a disgusting look on his face, he was saying that's it bitch take my cock in your mouth taste my cum, he said that he was going to fuck her hard and shoot his cum into her tight white pussy.

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I think you have a big dick
Serika kurusugawa
I like to look at you
Tamaki ogami
Are you really that powerful that you made him cum just by him looking at you