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#136077 - Merik opens another portal and Ayame watches as the horse demon steps through, she had know idea how big horse demons are, their so much bigger than regular horses, totally white with parts of them that seem to be on fire with blue flames. Ressuming his Human form he says That was fun, I'll summon the horse demon now but first I'll make sure were not interupted . There's another problem, Rikimarue is a highly skilled Taimanin who trains other Taimanin in armed and hand to hand combat, even if Ayame could escape her restraints she would have to fight him.

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Hajime tsukishima
A muchos los enamoro la de la izquierda pero me gusto mas la de la derecha xd por sierto codigo natalann con doble n al final en la tienda del fornais
Kevin levin
First song its life is good drake ft future second song its nicki minaj chun li