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#195608 - Like an expert spitter Ranma had fully spitted Kamiko and was proud of his work as the teacher examined every detail of the spitted sow and announced he would receive and A+ for his proformance, Wow Ranma that was cool called out one of the other boys in the class, I cant wait until the day I get one of those in me! called out a girl in the back everyone looked at her, Tomorrow’s meat! was what they though. I’ve never spitted a girl before Akane added trembling even more now, Yes Akane you said you wanted to help me with the demonstration, I cant spit two sow's at the same time, can I? he said as he looked at Akane and saw she was shaking, I-I-I cant do it Akane said dropping the spit to the ground and ran from the room, Ranma wanted to follow after her to see if she was alright but his interest in watching his two former classmates get the spit was to strong for him so he remained in his seat as the teacher choose another student to take Akane's place. Th

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