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#89430 - I continued doing that for a while and then without a warning, I pushed my tongue some 2 inches into her pussy and moved my head in and out just like fucking her but with my tongue. She bolted up and was for a moment sitting on my shoulder, she grabbed my head and let out a huge sigh of pleasure. She had taken around 8 inches in her mouth when she started picking up her pace, it did not take long before I felt cum rising up my shaft, “Ahhh, Ahh, wow you’re doing this great!” another second and “Oh my god, shit! I’m cumming!” She took a few quick strokes and then plunged my entire cock down her mouth and held that position as if waiting for me to cum, I could feel the tip of my cock at her throat.

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Dick grayson
Yep actually i like bdsm and ddlg
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I need this