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#250245 - I do then I have a hook on the ceiling and I tie it to it lifting your back up about 4 inches! Then I get the flogging whip out and start to flog your belly and your tits! I told you 5 min Not 6 min!! You will learn to be on time!! I flog you over and over and your getting red all over! You enjoy the pain and your getting wet again! I get the vibrator out and tie it to your leg so its on your clit! When it hits you clit your on the edge and its to fast for you so your trying to move around to get it in another place! I get a string and go around your nipple piercing then tie it to the rope on your belly so your tits are lifted up and your nipples are long!! I come over to your head and tell you to suck Daddys dick! and put it in your mouth and you suck it like a good girl! I have my hand on your throat and I can feel it going in and out of your throat! It turning me on more!! I flog you again and you gag more on it!! Im ready to cum in your mouth so I pull out and come around an I pl

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Sumi takane
She knows she loves being violated
Arisa glennorth
Her ass is perfect for backshots