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#336327 - As now she had the booties all put on him as he know really danced in place as he always did when these were put on him and knowing exactly what they were for and looking himself right over at what was to be his new mating partner his tongue now hanging droopingly and droolingly from his mouth as if he was himself thinking just what that fine pussy of his owner was going to taste like. Ohhhh nnnnnggghhh Ohhhh Ittt's sssooo rrrough sssooo tthiiccck Oh hehehe's driving meeee craazzzy As Jackie was watching his tongues curling up making that pussy open up, dilate out shuddered herself at knowing all to damn well just how mind blowing it felt at this point her own pussy wet with desire and wanting to finger her cunt during this but didn't want one bit to turn those big ass cheeks of her sister in laws loose because she had her this way to see clearly how Shadows tongue would go up into her. Damn I wish I could have been there!! As now the lashi

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