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#314258 - My waist was only 22” but it was my bottom where I had over indulged myself as I loved to eat, and most all of these things went directly to my bottom! I was not a fat assed woman yet, but was well on my way! My husband loved me like this as the extra 7 # to 10 # pounds of fat that went directly to my bottom left me with a pair of full over hanging ass cheeks! This had made me look more like a sweet, big ass over ripe peachy bobble bimbo doll that just begged for some sexual pervert to take a bite out me! But my real asset not that my bottom or tits weren’t, was my pubic mound camel toe slit hidden pink labia lips and of course my clitoris! Now this is what my husband and most men liked almost instantly about me! It along with my pale white skin had left me almost anemic looking, and would really contrast with the dark skinned black men and women that were going to use and abuse me! It was also part of my sinful fantasy to be whipped and made to have sex with numerous nasty black men

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Yuugi hoshiguma
Damn i wanna lick that all up