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#25179 - Yes, my older sister, she’s seventeen with brown hair and hazel eyes, small waist big bust at lease a 34D and nice long legs to match. I crept into her room knowing that she was a light sleeper and set my duffel bag besides her bed and quickly brought out her blindfold and softly secured it round her head making sure there was no way it would fall off, I quickly took her hands and tied them on her bed post. I got off her and was about to remove a camera from my bag when she said “I’m going to fucking tell mum and dad you stupid pervert!” I laughed and stood up and placed both hands on both tits, she flinched away form me but I held her tits firm and began to massage them I could see tears through her blindfold and savoured ever minute of her degrading, I then viciously twisted them and pulled them towards me, she thrashed around a lot so I laughed and put my teeth against her nipple and bite it until there were teeth marks and a little blood.

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Ryuu hijikata
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