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#67150 - Libby lay quietly on Miss Ulbright's desk top, her mind floating away after experiencing her first orally induced orgasm in her short eighteen year life!!! Incredible as it seemed, that gnawing ache between her full thighs seemed to be growing stronger, and even the mind bending climax shat had just about driven her mad was not enough to slake the desire in her needy vagina!!! In her semi conscious state, in the back of her mind she thought she heard voices, but Miss Ulbright had assured her that the door was locked so that no one could barge in on them, but then much to her surprise and embarrassment, Sarah Ulbright appeared next to the desk with Libby's own mother!!! Immediately she tried to get up of the desk top, but Miss Ulbright placed her hand on her chest and ordered, Lie still child, your mother is here to help you, now please be quiet and do as you're told!!! Libby relaxed a little, but still, having her mother present was a little disconcerting to say the le

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Dirty lady have him ride you cowgirl next time using the same toy i found this position a whole lot of fun thanks for sharing your hentai