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#283779 - Emma led me through the park till we arrived to the front of a block of toilets “this is my fetish” Emma winked at me “public toilets” I said Emma went on to approach me face to face guiding her hand along my cheek and rubbing on my body “sex in public” Emma whispered in my ear leading me on into the public toilet. My father decided to take me to London because he is involved with the visual effects behind the new Beauty and the Beast movie and he managed to get me a pass to walk around on set for the movie and hopefully meet some of the cast along the way. I continued sliding my fingers in and out of Emma’s beautiful smelling pussy until she grabbed my fingers and yelled “ I need your cock in me” but this time her British accent left and revealed a more cockney accent in a very harsh tone she pulled my pants down around my ankles revealing my quite large cock smack bang right in front of her face Emma looked at me with a very hungry looking smile while stroking my cock she took h

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