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#127798 -   I welcome any comments positive or negative thanks for reading.   Our lips met with a passion that neither of us had experienced before an urgency that over whelmed us both, knowing that we had both waited five years for this moment and now finally we got to explore each others bodies, my hands slid up her stocking clad thighs enjoying the touch of the silk but enjoying more the softness of her skin has my hands came into contact with the top of her thighs, she began to moan into my mouth and reached down and took hold of my nine inch hard cock and tenderly began to stroke it up and down, my fingers started to explore Angie's pussy which was already wet with excitement, I slid my middle finger inside her causing her to gasp with pleasure mmmm that's it baby you finger my hot pussy Angie said, I quickly slid in a second and third finger inside her and continued to finger fuck her oh god baby that feels so fucking good yes yes yes she screamed, she continued to wank m

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