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#244608 - While Ben and Mitch sat in front of their lockers dressing, several other members stopped in front of them and offered their dicks for a quick suck, and both men eagerly licked and sucked the hardons like they were ice cream cones! Mitch especially, because at heart he was a born cocksucker who usually sucked at least two cocks a day, sometimes more! He was spending more and more time at the club, with the express intention on sucking off as many men as possible! Mike, the name of the man Mitch was sucking off, had a huge erection, probably ten inches long and v?ery thick, so he was a very popular person that Mitch felt honored to suck off! Mike stood calmly with his hands on his hips while smoking a big cigar as Mitch hoovered his big pecker. When ever Mike was hard he always gathered a crowd, and this was no exception, as a group of naked men stood around fisting their own cocks while watching Mike get his massive pecker sucked off. God it was beautiful, so thick and long, with a h

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Hyakunosuke ogata
Just amazing
Roxy migurdia
Because you want to riding something that large is a choice often made long before the event ever takes place so one is ready for it when it does it usually takes considerable planning and practice