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#159541 - Your my hustband so Harvey opened his eyes and said What are you doing to day gorgous? I said I was thinking we could have a lazy day Harvey looked at me and said Don't you have things to do? you always have things to do Yes of course I have things to do. Why are you asking that? Harvey walked upto me and said I'm just telling you that because I haven't really had the time to show you it AWWW baby come give me a kiss So me and Harvey kissed and we had some breakfast and we went and watched one of my favourt films (Pearl Harbour) half way though the film there was a knock on the apartment door so Harvey went and answered it. So me and Harvey walked into the bathroom I smiled and said O by the way my boxers look nice on you Harvey walked upto me and said Want me to take them off? I laughed and said Well you would be a little over dressed for the shower if you kept them on So me and Harvey had a shower and got dressed.

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I coulda gone my whole life w out seeing this tbh
Great to see you back and so hot