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#298520 - Sen. Ingersoll Coolidge stood in the well and in a booming voice that commanded respect even if remarks didn't, as continued to rail against the mortal sin as he put it of homosexuality! Several times he was interrupted by catcalls and boos from the visitors gallery, but unbeknownst to them, that is exactly what the senior senator from Alabama hoped for! There was nothing like seeing a bunch of fairies making asses of themselves on the six o'clock news, and since the people of who elected him back in 'Bama felt exactly the same way he did, and that was that these queers were a bunch of sinners who would burn in hell if they didn't change their ways! A gritty little five minute speech on the senate floor that slammed the homos was great television back home, and he had the e-mails and letters to prove it! Ingersoll Coolidge was a four term incumbent that knew how to play his audience like a Stradivarius, and if it meant dragged the fags through the muck, well so b

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