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#47998 - The only difference was, that Marie had two hard orgasms in quick succession, while Ilsa was still hanging on the precipice of climax! After she had recovered from her cum, Marie came over to Ilsa and dabbed the sweat from her face and said sweetly, Mmmm, that was so good, Helmut has such a wonderful penis, I came so fucking hard, but have to admit that I lied to you, I'm afraid we are going to have to let Helmut fuck you so you can feel how big and hard he is! Dieter moved the dripping water away from Ilsa's cunt, only to be replaced by the hulking Nazi who was running his cock up and down Ilsa's dripping slit. When she was stark naked, the smaller, and it seemed more humane of the two agents asked her to please climb up on the table and lie down on her back. Positioning the end of the length of tape on her left labial lip, she pulled it hard to the side, pulling Ilsa's vagina halfway open.

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