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#276782 - harvey was sucking me off for 10 minutes and i said right it my turn harvey took my dick out his mouth and stood up straight (so to speak) i went to my knees and took his dick in my mouth and started working it for 10 minutes and we got out the shower harvey said to me you wasnt kidding when you said 20 minutes i said no i wasnt i like to keep things on a strick time table when i have something major going on harvey call me a freak and i said im not a freak in a playfull manner me and harvey got dressed and styled are hairs i asked harvey do you think we will be like this when we are married harvey turn and hugged me and kissed me on the neck and said you know you love the way we are i smiled so wide all my front teeth was showing and i said i do babe i love you also harvey let go of me and said i love you to babe slapping my butt we went down stair and got breakfast as usal i got a fruit salad and some juice and harvey only had a drink we went to the down stair bathroo

Read Bear Okaa-san ga DQN ni Otosareteita - Original Soapy Massage Okaa-san ga DQN ni Otosareteita

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Really sexy thx for sharing your skills
She is so pretty