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#138382 - Virna bucked her hips up into Lindsey's mouth, trying to force her clit against the slithering but elusive tongue that was roving all over her vagina! In the meantime, Erin's cunt was again flooding do to the sucking mouth that had attached itself to her hard nipple. As usual, Erin's vaginal lips bulged obscenely, almost begging to be either sucked or fucked by some lucky opportunist! Oh my, god, Virna moaned softly, she's even more beautiful than you described her Lin, oh, how I want her so!!! What an absolutely beautiful body, she gushed on, the breasts of a mature woman and the lower body of a very young girl! As Erin approached them, Virna met her halfway to the stairway and immediately began feeling the young girl all over from head to toe, spending a particularly long time on her huge chest.

Read Futa [Shiroi Kuroi] Saimin (Kakko) Kai (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Digital] - Kantai collection Asslick SaiminKai

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