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#247227 - they both stand up and in matter of seconds they are naked while his mom locks the door laurien gets on the knees before James and starts to take off his clothes while he keeps looking at Laura Laura listen to me I will be your new master I will do whatever I desire to you and you can't protest understand me ? he said to her as the ring controls her mind without a struggle yes master she replied as James was know completely naked his 11 inch cock still not hard because he wanted to suprisse her with his size Her father looked in fear as her sweet little baby girl obeyed James James I don't what you think you are doing but this has to stop right now he said to him James looked at Brian and laughed ooh Brian this is only the start I will own your daughter and you will watch me do it he said as he looked back at Laura and smiled why don't you strip your daughter for me to make it more fun he said why would I ever . When they finished there breakfast James started to talk

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